“Kinder Dreams” the name itself state it is a dream of each one of the child and their parents too.

Principal's Message

“Our dream is to fulfill and make availibility of the best practical and theoretical knowledge to make each and every childs future bright and successful.

Kinder Dreams is the bunch of love, faith, respect, potential and such many things.”

Welcome To Kinder Dreams Play School!!!

Parents can rest assured that their child is important to the school and school will do its best towards giving what is right for the child. Parents are requested to approach the school in a Calm and Composed manner.

ln “KINDER DREAMS”, parents are effective partners and not passive listeners. we conduct regular seminars for parents. It will help parents to deal with their child.

Rules For Attendance

  • The school expects the child to attend school regularly.
  • If the child remains absent (for more than 2 days) teachers should be informed in writing at the earliest.
  • If the child remains absent to notify the school immediately.
  • It is important to know the value of punctuality from an early age.
  • The child should know the value of reaching school each day on time which will help the child to achieve the goal.

Picnic At Kinder Dreams

At “KINDER DREAMS”, We arrange field trips for our students. Students wear their uniforms. They bring with all the identity cards, caps, water bottles and extra uniforms.

Visits to children from different places around the city will be held twice a year. Our teachers take care of them on their journey.

Kinder Dreams Activity Center

True essences of education are nurturing the hidden talent and make them unique. we know all humans are born with some uniqueness They should be remembered for the qualities so besides education other activities are a most important thing.

    • Dance / Music: When a child listens to music, plays instruments or even dance then the brain starts forming, connections that pave the way for learning opportunities such as vocabulary building and Maths comprehension.
    • Worksheet: Which introduce various concepts, recognition of colors introduced to numbers and letters. All of our worksheets are intended to enhance your child skill and introduce new concepts in a fun stress free manner.
    • Yoga: Yoga encourages moments and enhances development. it leads to build strength and relax the mind. So Yoga is very important.
    • Sand Pit: Sand Pit promotes physical development. children learn to manipulate sand accessories this activity promotes social skills. When children work together at the sand pit they are faced with real problems that they require sharing, compromising negotiating.
    • Minigym: It is a fit and fun program to develop physical fitness and social skill.
    • E-learning: It has been designed to capture the imagination while maximizing, creating, learning and enjoyment.
    • Etiquettes: Here we teach table manners. In days having good manners and etiquettes are more important. The child should know how to eat food properly.
    • Splash Pool: It is a fun activity. We take this action once in a month.
    • Market Day: Here students will sell their products (1Rs.) and parent or relatives will purchase from them. This will help them to learn the concept of buying and selling.
    • Helpers: This will help your children to know the world around them. This will help them to learn by observing.