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Admission and Withdrawl

  • Parents will be required to pay the prescribed school fees for the term in advance. The fees once paid will not be refunded even if the child, for any reason leaves the school immediately after the admission.
  • School Leaving Certificate will be issued only after the parents / Guardian applies for the same. On the prescribed form placed in the school calendar.
  • School Leaving Certificate and Birth Certificate will not be issued till the parents pay all outstanding fees.

Rules and Regulations

  • The child should be brought to school in time for each shift if the child reaches the school earlier, parents should not Leave the school premises until the teacher take charge.
  • The parents are not allowed to enter the classroom during school hours.
  • Kindly send your child in clean and ironed clothes / complete uniform daily.
  • Parents should not send any valuable items with their children to the school. ‘KINDER DREAMS’ will not be responsible for the loss of the same or for any harm caused to the children because of the same.
  • An extra set of clothes along with underclothes should be kept in the school throughout the year. (if the clothes are soiled and taken home, they should be replaced the next day.)
  • The parents should check the calendar every day, for messages from the teachers as well as use the calendar to communicate with the teachers. Leave application, sick leave needs to be communicated to the teachers through the calendar.
  • The child will be allowed to leave the classroom during school hours unless a valid reason is cited.

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